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My Photography Gear List. What I’m packing.

March 12, 2022

You asked and I am delivering!

A couple of weeks ago I asked you how I could best bless and serve you. One of the most common responses was questions regarding the gear, tools, and resources I use in my business.

I am excited to announce I’ll be launching a new series here on the DRP blog! It’s called Curation of Information. Kind of fun, right?! My friend, Hannah Finrow, coined the phrase for me! This series is where I will be sharing a collection of items, resources, and tools I have found to be helpful. My hope is that this will save you time doing lots of research.

In today’s curation, I will be sharing alllll the camera gear I use both personally and professionally. However, this doesn’t include the things I carry in my catch all bag.

(Don’t have the time to read this right now but want to save the information for later? Simply click HERE!)

Camera Bodies:

Canon R6

Canon Mark III

Canon AE-1

Fujifilm Instax Mini

Gear List


Canon 28-70mm 2.0

Canon 100mm 2.8

Canon 85mm 1.4

Sigma Art 50mm 1.4

Tamron 70-200mm 2.8

Tamron 35mm 1.8

Camera Bag:

Ona Brixton Camera/Laptop Messenger Bag

Ruggard Journey Shoulder Bag


ExpoDisc 2.0

Canon LP-E6NH Lithium-Ion Battery

SanDisk 128GB Extreme Pro

SanDisk 64GB Extreme Pro

Holdfast Money Maker Original Camera Strap

Holdfast Money Maker Solo Camera Strap

Westcott 6-in-1 Illuminator Reflector Kit (42”)


Two Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT 

Canon Speedlite 580EX II

Light Stand

Gary Fong Lightsphere Collapsible Speed Mount

Light Stand Adapter

Westcott Optical White Satin Diffusion Umbrella

And there you have it! This is my current gear set up. There are several items I would love to add to my arsenal. I prefer to do this slowly…implementing one new piece of equipment at a time.

Don’t be gear hungry.

For those of you who are just starting out, don’t be gear hungry. Get a decent camera and a good lens. Then slowly add to your collection over time using the funds you earned with your camera!

Do you have any questions? Want to know what I’m looking at getting next? Drop a comment below!

Curation of Information – Part 2 is coming soon! We’ll be talking alllll about education!

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