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MacKenzie + Jacob’s University of Central Oklahoma Engagement Session

September 22, 2019

As I walked up to Wantland Stadium, heart beating fast, I was incredibly excited to spend the even with MacKenzie + Jacob. When MacKenzie saw me, she ran across the parking lot in her silver stilettos with the grace of a ballerina. She met me with the warmest smile and hug. Following behind her was Jacob, looking every bit a college lineman. I was 100% sure they had just walked out of a 2009 Taylor Swift music video!

“I was 100% sure they had just walked out of a 2009 Taylor Swift music video!”

Jacob got permission from his coach for us to do a portion of their engagement session on the field. But the coach had forgotten to leave the gate unlocked. So without even pausing for a moment, MacKenzie got down in her frilly, white, eyelet skirt and army crawled under the fence. She sprung up and dusted the pine needles off her skirt, giggling the entire time. I knew this was the beginning of an adventurous night!

Without a doubt, these two adore one another! They are each other’s biggest cheerleader. MacKenzie asked Jacob to put here through one of his team’s workouts. She did want a challenging workout, but most importantly, MacKenzie wanted Jacob to know that she was interested in his world. Jacob plays for UCO at this time being part of a daunting line. But Team Blair will be an even greater force to reckon with!

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