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Gloria + Jimmy’s Myriad Botanical Gardens and Lake Hefner Family Session

September 17, 2019

I had the privilege of meeting Gloria a little over a year ago. When I first met Gloria I thought she was super sweet, kind, and incredibly quiet. But then I got to know Gloria. Clearly I was right about Gloria being a sweet and kind person. But without a doubt, I was wrong in assuming she was quiet! Gloria is full of life and joy! She makes friends everywhere she goes!

“Gloria is full of life and joy!”

After a few months, I invited Gloria to a small group that Chad and I were leading. Gloria came and brought Jimmy with her! Chad and I were thrilled to have another young couple to spend time with. Ever since then, we’ve been able to spend time laughing, bowling, going to the fair, and doing real life together.

Ah! I have to share my favorite moment of the whole session! Chad and Elijah were off exploring some rocks along Lake Hefner. At the moment, Gloria was standing to my right as I was taking some portraits of Jimmy. I asked Jimmy to look over at Gloria and smile. The smile that followed completely melted my heart. Immediately, his eyes soften and the sweetest, most gently smile spread across his face. Without a doubt, Gloria has Jimmy’s heart!

Gloria and Jimmy, we are so thankful for you two! It was an absolute joy watching Elijah explore every inch of the gardens with Chad! I thoroughly enjoyed getting to sneak away with just the two of you to capture your love! You’re precious family is a delight to be around! Thank you for spending the evening running around the Myriad Botanical Gardens and Lake Hefner with us! We love you!

Gloria + Jimmy
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