When it comes to business, this couldn't be more true.

Benjamin Franklin says...

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

If you don’t run your business….your business will run you.

As a business owner, it is your job to take responsibility for your business. Your business not only affects you as an individual, but also your family, friends, and everyday life. You can't leave something this impactful up to chance, can you?

Did you know...

You are 42% more likely to accomplish your goals if you write them down. Boo, that should have you sprinting towards your pen and paper. 

Okay, so let’s break this down.

We’ve all heard that 50% of businesses fail within their first 5 years. 

If we know that we’re 42% more likely to accomplish our goals simply by writing them down which in turn decreases our chances of failing...how could we not take the time to write down and plan out our goals?! Boo, it’s a no-brainer. 

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So often when we have a mile-long to-do list that *never* gets accomplished by the end of the day, we’re left feeling defeated and overwhelmed. Mmm, nope, none of us will operate at our best with those feeling weighing us down.

You need a short, powerful list of goals. The kind of goals that leave you feeling accomplished and give you that hit of dopamine when you check them off your list. #bestfeelingever

My friend, you need a community of people that are on the same path as you who will keep you accountable, cheer you on, and celebrate every win. Because no matter how small it may seem, progress is progress.

I know, I know...you have 100 million things you could be focusing on right now. 

However, we need to be laser-focused on 6-10 goals each quarter. 

The Quarterly Collective (Fondly called the Quarter Co.) was specifically designed to teach you how to write down your goals in a specific way that helps you reach them over and over again

Then, let’s take it a few step further. Built in accountability. 1:1 coaching. Community. Everything you need to find success in accomplishing your goals.

This is exactly why I founded: 

I created this group because I was tired of transferring goals from one list to the next, and I knew other women were too.

I wanted to work hard on my business, but not make it my life. For those considering the Quarter Co., swallow any fears and be brave. You're not the only person who is feeling overwhelmed by all the energy and effort it takes to run a business. This cohort is full of understanding, encouraging, and helpful women who'll encourage and challenge you both as an entrepreneur and the precious gem that you are.

YOU COULD even get together over coffee with your business besties share all about your business hopes and dreams.

YOU COULD continue to write those goals down on the Notes on your iPhone, that one journal you took to a conference, your planner, and those random PostIt notes.

YOU COULD continue to dream of what your business could be as you listen to your favorite podcast as you're putting your makeup on. 

Sure, you could try the goal-setting thing on your own.

My friend, you *could* do any one of those things and more. However, you'd be doing it without a proven process to help you crush those goals, a community that is on the same journey as you, and someone to hold you accountable when busy season tries to knock you off your feet.

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A step-by-step roadmap to Quarterly Planning

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The Quarter Co. will run from January 23rd, 2024 - July 23rd, 2024.

As a member of the Quarter Co. you will receive:

Alternating weekly group coaching and coworking sessions

Monthly 1:1 45-minute virtual coaching session with Dennah

Rotating hot seats 

Email and Voxer access to Dennah

A Voxer group chat where you will be able to:

  • Give input and feedback
  • Weekly check ins
  • Receive input and feedback
  • Build community

Only 25 spots total.
(Availability will be announced on December 30th, 2023)

$1597 investment. Payment plans are available. 

Let's Talk Details

Each participant will have Two hot seat opportunities where you’ll be able to share about your business goals with the group and receive feedback.

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“Dennah has given me the tools I need to effectively plan for my business, and I KNOW only good things will come of it.”

- Jadyn, Jadyn Noelle PHotography

Kind words


"Dennah made me feel empowered to run my business in a way that, yes, is hard work, but will be so worth it. If you have talked to her even for two minutes you know that she is such a refreshing joy to to be around and leaves everyone she encounters encouraged.  12/10 will always recommend working with Dennah."

“Working with Dennah will change your thinking, get you focused, and if you do your part you will see results.”

- Rachael, Spaces Planner

Kind words


"My wheels were just spinning, but I wasn’t going anywhere. What once brought exhilaration now brought heaviness. I felt burnout and defeat lingering around ever corner. I didn’t know what to change so I could start winning and knew Dennah could help me analyze and navigate priorities and steps to a winning end.
Dennah listens well and uses that to address root issues. She gives the best “love and shove” which gives you opportunity to lean in and take winning action! Coaching with Dennah is an investment worth making that will bring a return to you, if you show up and do your part!"

"From growing my socials to scaling my bookings to creating amazing friendships, being apart of the Quarter Co. has been one of the most impactful things I’ve ever done for my business."

- Katherine, Katherine's Photography

Kind words


Being apart of the Quarter Co. pushed me to complete all my goals (even the hard ones). It has totally transformed my goal setting from a never ending list of things I wanted to accomplish but “never had the time to do” to having a detailed game plan to accomplish each goal. Dennah is a wonderful educator! She believes in you and your business and keeps you accountable to the goals you set for yourself! I have been so blessed by this community that she has created and it has impacted my business in so many ways, from growing my socials to scaling my bookings to creating amazing friendships, being apart of the Quarter Co. has been one of the most impactful things I’ve ever done for my business.

"You don't have to do things on your own just because you are an entrepreneur."

- Amy, Amy Chamberlain

Kind words


The Quarterly Co is great for any business owner if you have been in business a few years or a long time. Everyone needs help and encouragement to reach their goals through Dennah and the Quarterly Co I have finally reached the goals that I have had for years! I think having accountability and community helps SO much. You don't have to do things on your own just because you are an entrepreneur.

“ I now view my business as a business and not just a hobby and that mind shift is making a huge difference in how I operate my business.”

- Taylor, ROses & Resale

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"I am saving money and growing like never before. Making a plan and setting goals is the biggest contributing factor."

“Dennah is such an encouragement, has a wealth of knowledge, and has us feeling motivated and ready to crush some goals.”

- Terri, Terri Graves Photo + Film

Kind words


“Dennah’s calling is to love and encourage people through their businesses. She does an exceptional job at giving you the skills and direction needed to help your business grow and become more profitable through goal setting.”

- Mckayla, MB Studios

Kind words


“ I didn't know how much the other members of the group would inspire and bless me too. The chance to have immediate feedback on ideas and hear a variety of opinions from other people who are on your team is invaluable!”

- Jen, Jen Martin PHotography

Kind words


Before joining the Quarter Co., . I had no long-term plan. I was just doing my thing (or not) day by day. Since joining the Quarter Co. I feel less alone. I have bigger plans. My business is where I want it for now. I've learned to look at the bigger picture and plan bigger; but also to break things down so I can actually move forward. I didn't know how much the other members of the group would inspire and bless me too. The chance to have immediate feedback on ideas and hear a variety of opinions from other people who are on your team is invaluable! You can share your vision with others and get excited with them as they share with you. I always leave encouraged. Always.

I’m here to challenge you to stay on track and to celebrate you with every step, complete with confetti emojis!! (Not kidding, I’ve been proudly called the human equivalent of an emoji, so you’re going to get lots of love when you’re here!!)  

it's Dennah! A certified business coach, a cheerleader, accountability partner, and friend who is here to help you ditch the overwhelm so you can work with clarity and purpose.

Hey boo,

In the Quarter Co., we will define what success means to you, implement accountability, live in community, and quarterly planning. You’ll have 10 built-in business friends, cheerleaders, and an informal board of advisors.

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The Quarter co. may be a perfect fit for you if...

You're ready to have 10 new business besties

You know you should be planning in your business…but you don’t know how

You’re ready to set and achieve goals

You’d like to give and receive feedback and input from other business owners

You ready to implement work/life boundaries

You’re tired of moving those same goals from one list to the next


What types of businesses is this for?

All businesses are welcome. However, I specialize in creative service providers.

What if I can’t make every group session? 

To get the most out of the Quarter Co., I strongly encourage you to make every effort to attend. However, we will record each session.

What are the 1:1 coaching sessions for? 

These sessions are for you and me to take a deep dive into your goals. We will work together to help you reach them.

What if I’ve never planned for my business before?

Boo, don’t worry. I will teach you why it is important to plan and how to plan.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes! You can do a one-time payment of $1597 or a split payment of $325 x 5.

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Don’t leave the success of your business up to chance.

Bet on yourself. Invest in yourself. Take back control of your business and begin reaping the reward.

Remember, people pay you for what you do, not for what you plan to do.

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The Quarter Co. is a cohort for small business owners. Here, you'll find community, tools to help you set and reach your goals, accountability, and 1:1 coaching.

The Quarter Co. 

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